Meet Our Donors

Rob and Linda Ramrath

Rob and Linda Ramrath

Rob and Linda Ramrath believe in the power of a Cathedral Catholic education. They believe so firmly that they became Sr. Mary Black Legacy Society members, so that future students will also benefit from a Cathedral education carried out in a caring, faith-filled environment.

Rob and Linda first met Sr. Mary Black back in 2004 when Rob was working at Bose Corporation. They met through a connection with the late Father Jim Degnan, a past principal who knew of the good work that was being done at Cathedral. Through conversations with Sr. Mary Black over the years, and even a student field trip to Bose where students met with Dr. Amar Bose and learned about audio engineering and technology, Rob could see firsthand the life-changing power of a Cathedral Catholic education.

For Rob and Linda, their philanthropic endeavors extend far beyond mere donations – they are investments in the future. Rob eloquently puts it, “We continue to donate to Cathedral to this very day, because of the concrete results of putting students on a path to be responsible adults.” Linda echoes this sentiment, recognizing the transformation that occurs when students begin to believe in themselves and their capabilities. “Seeing students transform, having them begin believing in themselves and their potential is like Christ’s light shining through.” The holistic and creative nature of Cathedral’s education of mind, body, and spirit truly is what helps Cathedral students excel and stay on the right path.

During the past two decades, Rob and Linda have visited Cathedral and met with students, many who have gone on to have wonderful careers in the greater Boston area. Taking this next step by becoming Sr. Mary Black Legacy Society members is a true testament to the excellent academic work being done with having 100% of Cathedral students graduate and being accepted to college and the sound leadership that Cathedral has continuously provided.

Rob said “We have average students with loving parents from all over Boston that attend Cathedral. We put them in an environment with caring teachers and administrators who equip them to excel, and they turn into high performing scholars. Many would not be able to go to college if it wasnÆt for a Cathedral Catholic education.”

As we turn the corner with the Cathedral Now, Cathedral Forever campaign, now is the time to consider joining the Sr. Mary Black Legacy Society. Your participation will help Cathedral reach its $60 million campaign goal in the here and now, yet change lives beyond what you could think or imagine for decades to come!

Cathedral High School Donor Rob and Linda Ramrath