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Gertrude “Trudi” Brown Clark ’66

Gertrude “Trudi” Brown Clark ’66

The Cathedral High School family is grateful to Gertrude “ Trudi” Brown Clark ’66. Trudi revised her will this past fall after a month’s long trip to Italy and included Cathedral High School and the Cathedral Now, Cathedral Forever campaign in her estate plans. Trudi’s most prominent recollections about her high school years at CHS helped shape her into the person she is today.

“One of the most pivotal memories of high school was the day John F. Kennedy got shot. It was 1PM central time and 2pm EST and I was on the L Train (Elevator Train) with classmates. It was a very sacred moment when I learned about his assassination. It changed my life.” She continues, “It was right before Thanksgiving during freshmen year. Everyone gasped. There were mostly students and some workers on the train, and because JFK was from the Boston and Brookline areas it touched me even more deeply because so many people were visibly upset.”

“Another pivotal moment was that when I was at CHS I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to receive additional tutoring on Saturday mornings at school. Although math was my strength, I struggled in Geometry and was so thankful for the additional tutoring. The kindness, caring and attention I received from the nuns has stayed with me to this day. Also, when I got sick during sophomore year, I fondly remember the nuns coming to the hospital to check in on me. This touched me deeply.”

“I want to help CHS students and make an impact to the school, and it is my hope that by including CHS in my estate plans the school will be here always. I hope that my philanthropy will inspire students and alumni of color to do something similar someday. You have to give back where you have received. CHS provided me with my grounding and footing and for that I’m grateful.”

“The complexion of the school has changed but I’m happy and proud that CHS is a college prep school and students are on track to attend college. I come from a midsize family, and we were comfortable. My parents could afford the tuition at CHS and I also pitched in saving my money working at the family business. I am including Cathedral High School in my will because I want to give back and help children who are less fortunate than me and for those who may not have the opportunity to attend.”

As the only black woman in the class of 1966, classmates made sure Trudi was included in extracurricular activities. But Trudi was very busy after school helping at home. She babysat her brother and worked with her dad at the family business in Roxbury. Upon returning to Boston and attending CHS, Trudi and her family lived in Germany. Following Cathedral High School, Trudi graduated from Regis College with her Bachelor’s degree, and continued with her graduate studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. Trudi did union work as an MTA. After teaching she continued in the education field as a union representative as a marketing specialist for NEA Member benefits.

She is retired and presently lives in West Palm Beach, FL.

Cathedral High School Donor Gertrude “Trudi” Brown Clark ’66